Guide For White Men Dating Black Women

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Interracial relationships are not as easy to start as compared with conventional relationships, where the couple belongs to the same ethnicity and cultural background. If you are a man looking to date a black woman, there might be a few hesitations pertaining to the reaction of people around you. However, if you are willing to take the relationship forward, here are a few tips that will certainly help you out.

  • Make her comfortable in other environments: Your friends and family members might not be as open-minded as you are when it comes to interracial relationships. You wouldn’t want the people in your circle to make her feel like an outcast, would you? It is important that you make them understand how important she is to you.
  • Know facts about their slavery: Make it a point never to mention the word “slavery” in your conversations. Slavery was officially abolished on June 19, 1865. That’s only 149 years ago. Understand that slavery isn’t something to mock at. Slavery was prevalent in the United States for about 465 years. Although this might be a thing of the past to you, it is a big thing for a well-informed Black woman.
  • Be yourself: This may sound a bit unclear but being yourself is the best thing particularly when you are in a relationship with a black woman. Don’t try to change anything about yourself, your culture or mannerisms to suit a black woman. Don’t try to speak like a rapper or start wearing your cap backward. On the other hand, don’t try to downgrade the white people in order to appease your black partner. Find common ground and show that you are comfortable.
  • Do your homework: It is important that you learn more about the cultural background of your partner. Find out her music preferences and download a few tracks. Your effort to make her happy will definitely be fruitful. Learn a few delicacies that she might know. Women love it when men take over the kitchen and cook for them. Cook a famous dish that is famous in her culture. Even if the dish isn’t great, she will appreciate the effort you made.

9 Things Not to Do When Dating a Black Woman

However, interracial dating isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There are certain precautions that you need to follow or you might end up making things extremely difficult. This article deals with some of the big no-no’s of dating a black woman.

  • Do not try to speak in the local dialect: Never make an attempt to speak in the local dialect, particularly if you are in the Caribbean. Your black partner might think that you are either mocking her.
  • Never have a discussion on races to show how “non-racist” you are: Do not speak about topics pertaining to race and which race is superior with her family and friends. These desperate attempts will only go in vain.
  • Point out differences between your cultures: Don’t compare her culture with hers. This will lead to a clash of opinions on who is better and such talks don’t always go well with the family of your prospective soul mate.
  • Don’t wait to get married before telling your parents about her ethnicity: Don’t be ashamed that your spouse is black. Tell your parents whom you are dating. Abstaining from doing so will create unnecessary complication with your family always criticizing hers.
  • Asking her to braid your sister’s hair: Never ever make an attempt to do this. Black people are known for having eccentric hairstyles. It isn’t a great idea to highlight it and ask her to experiment with your sister. Although you might be a fan of black braid hair, never ask her for this favor.
  • Ask her to go diving/swimming after getting her hair done: Braiding hair isn’t child’s play. It takes a great deal of effort and patience to get it done to perfection. Asking her to join you in the pool or for diving will be regarded as an insult or simple mockery.
  • Make fun of her for using a hair product with the word “mayonnaise” in it: Love it or hate it, your girlfriend is very likely to use a hair care product called Hair Mayonnaise. Honestly speaking, Black people don’t have the best hair on the planet. This is why they prefer using products that moisturize and strengthen damaged hair.
  • Take her square-dancing in a small town: Black women are not very open to square-dancing. If you love dancing and feel that your partner does too, the best alternative could be a ball where she can dance with you.
  • Forget you both had or will ever have different racial experiences: Never bring out an incident where you were mocked at by a black person. Also, be prepared to face what others tell of you both being together. Be mentally strong to deal with any adverse comments or mean stares.

When you are into an interracial relationship, an extra degree of precaution has to be followed. All in all, the relationship relies on trust and commitment. Your relationship will go a long way if you follow the aforementioned guidelines.